About me

I have been working as an archaeologist since graduation when I started off as a research assistant at the Artefact Research Unit, National Museum of Scotland. After a couple of  years I became a freelance lithic researcher and have been experiencing the highs and lows of my profession ever since.

My degrees include: MA (Hons) Geography, University of Glasgow; MA Prehistory and Archaeology, University of Sheffield; MLitt Archaeology, University of Glasgow.

With  30 years of experience in lithic research I offer confident assessment of your stone artefact assemblages. I have an extensive knowledge of flaked lithic, worked pumice and coarse stone tool assemblages from the Mesolithic through to the Early Historic period. All catalogues and reports are prepared to publication level.

Along with freelance work I have initiated  and completed several independent research projects including a synthesis of stone tools from prehistoric Orkney and Shetland (Clarke 2006), a study of the context of coarse stone tools from Mesolithic sites (Clarke 2009) and an examination of the relationship between style and deposition of stone axes from Orkney (Clarke 2011). I am currently involved in a large research project together with Mark Edmonds and Hugo Anderson-Whymark on the use of stone in prehistoric Orkney.

For enquiries  please use the contact page.