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  1. Stone tools from an Early Iron Age souterrain at Windwick, South Ronaldsay, Orkney

    A fine assemblage of stone tools including saddle querns, quern rubbers and cobble tools was found during recent excavations at Windwick by Martin Carruthers, University of the Highlands and Islands. The stone tools were used for the construction of the souterrain and above ground structure as well as for activities within the completed buildings. There […]

  2. Tool Storage

    Careful recording of the finds from excavations at  Mound 1, Bornais, S Uist has given some indication of how the stone tools were used and stored during the occupation of this Iron Age roundhouse.  Many of the stone tools were clearly deposited in groups;  three discrete groups formed tight concentrations of 50cm to 60cm in diameter […]

  3. Rotary Querns and Stone Weights

      Rotary querns and stone weights were the most common finds at the excavation of an Iron Age homestead at Black Spout, Perth and Kinross. They were all made from the locally available garnetiferous schist. For more information go to