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Published Work

Rainbow over Orkney


Many of the following publications are contributions to excavation reports. They are differentiated according to artefact type thus:

 c Assemblage of coarse stone

f Assemblage of flaked lithics (including flint, quartz, baked mudstone etc.)

p pumice assemblage

Warren, G, Fraser, S, Clarke, A, Driscoll, K, Mitchell, W, Noble, G, Paterson, D, Schulting, R, Tipping, R, Verbaas, A, Wilson, C, Wickham-Jones, C 2018  ‘Little House in the Mountains? A small Mesolithic structure from the Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland’ Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (2018),

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Clarke, A; Vila, A;  Estevez, J; Hardy, K 2012 ‘The Tie That Binds? An incised Mesolithic bevelled pebble from Camas Daraich, Skye’ Mesolithic Miscellany 22.1, October 2012, 3-9.

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