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Category: Mesolithic

  1. Ground stone from Isle of Man Meolithic

    Oxford Archaeology North  recently excavated a Mesolithic house at Cass ny Hawin 2, Isle of Man. This house had burnt down leaving charred timbers and quantities of burnt hazelnut shell as well as the flint and stone tools lying where they were last placed before the conflagration. The stone tools formed a fascinating collection including three […]

  2. Worked ochre from Mesolithic sites

    Ochre is a mixture of fine clay and iron oxide and it often occurs in conjunction with iron ores such as haematite. Though it occurs at many prehistoric sites in Britain it is usually present in only small numbers. Recent excavations by Oxford Archaeology North at the  Late Mesolithic site of Stainton, Cumbria has uncovered […]

  3. Expanding Horizons: Raw material use during the Late Mesolithic at Stainton West, Carlisle, Cumbria

      Poster presented at 10th Conference for Hunter and Gatherer Societies (CHAGS) , Liverpool 2013.    

  4. An incised Mesolithic bevelled pebble from Scotland

      During recent excavations at Camas Daraich, Skye an incised bevelled pebble was discovered at the base of a midden layer dating to the Mesolithic .  Finds of incised or decorated stone and bone from this period are rare in Britain as a whole and this is the first of its kind from Scotland. This […]

  5. Craft specialisation in the Mesolithic

      Recent excavations at  sites in Northern Britain have added to the repertoire of coarse stone tools known to have been in use during the Mesolithic. By analysing the distinctive wear traces on all the coarse stone tools from a site and by examining their context of deposition it has been possible to identify areas on site […]