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  1. Medieval Rotary Querns

      An unprecedented number of rotary querns were found during excavation of Medieval and Post-medieval buildings at Cromarty. The forty querns are broadly similar in size and style. The upper stones are flat disc querns, made by dressing a slab of sedimentary rock, or occasionally a schist slab, on the upper and lower faces. The […]

  2. Cromarty Medieval Burgh Community Archaeology Project

    This is a great Community Archaeology Project run by Mary Peteranna and Steve Birch. Medieval Cromarty is being rediscovered with the help of volunteers of all ages. Ceramics, mammal and fish bones, and a number of intriguing stone discs have been recovered already. The rotary querns in the photographs were placed in walls and floors […]

  3. Rotary Querns and Stone Weights

      Rotary querns and stone weights were the most common finds at the excavation of an Iron Age homestead at Black Spout, Perth and Kinross. They were all made from the locally available garnetiferous schist. For more information go to