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Tag Archives: Stone tools

  1. What does a lithic specialist do all day?

      For exciting insights in the life of a lithic specialist read What does a lithic specialist do all day?

  2. Working Stone, Making Communities

    Very pleased to announce the the launch of a web resource for prehistoric stone tools in Orkney . The results of a three year Leverhulme-funded project led by Professor Mark Edmonds together with Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark, Ann Clarke and Dr Antonia Thomas are presented with fabulous images and descriptions of a multitude of different stone […]

  3. Stone tools from an Early Iron Age souterrain at Windwick, South Ronaldsay, Orkney

    A fine assemblage of stone tools including saddle querns, quern rubbers and cobble tools was found during recent excavations at Windwick by Martin Carruthers, University of the Highlands and Islands. The stone tools were used for the construction of the souterrain and above ground structure as well as for activities within the completed buildings. There […]

  4. Stone tools from Orkney and Shetland

    Coarse stone tools are frequent finds at prehistoric sites in Orkney and Shetland. A whole range of tools was made and used for diverse jobs such as butchering, flint knapping, craft work, agriculture, storage and food processing. These stone assemblages are often large, dominated by particular tool types and are found at many different types of site […]

  5. Craft specialisation in the Mesolithic

      Recent excavations at  sites in Northern Britain have added to the repertoire of coarse stone tools known to have been in use during the Mesolithic. By analysing the distinctive wear traces on all the coarse stone tools from a site and by examining their context of deposition it has been possible to identify areas on site […]

  6. Experimental Archaeology

    A project in experimental archaeology, Avasjo, Sweden This involved a week in Lapland partaking of activities appropriate to a hunter/ gatherer lifestyle: setting camp, making and using stone and bone tools, skinning and butchering a reindeer, cooking and preserving meat, preparing hides, making cooking pits, walking in the wildwood. A film of this experience can now […]