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  1. Medieval Rotary Querns

      An unprecedented number of rotary querns were found during excavation of Medieval and Post-medieval buildings at Cromarty. The forty querns are broadly similar in size and style. The upper stones are flat disc querns, made by dressing a slab of sedimentary rock, or occasionally a schist slab, on the upper and lower faces. The […]

  2. Stone discs from Cromarty Medieval Burgh, Scotland

    An unusual assemblage of 148 flat stone discs was recovered during excavations at Cromarty Medieval Burgh ┬áMany were found in middens and shell middens dating to the 13th and 14th┬áCenturies. The discs were quickly made by selecting whole or split cobbles and then flaking them coarsely around the perimeter to form a roughly circular […]

  3. Cromarty Medieval Burgh Community Archaeology Project

    This is a great Community Archaeology Project run by Mary Peteranna and Steve Birch. Medieval Cromarty is being rediscovered with the help of volunteers of all ages. Ceramics, mammal and fish bones, and a number of intriguing stone discs have been recovered already. The rotary querns in the photographs were placed in walls and floors […]